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Welcome to Custom Drain.  Custom Drain was created to fill the need for plumbing fixtures for imported granite, marble, and stone bathroom fixtures.  We offer custom made solutions for drains and overflows for fixtures with holes that are too small, too deep, or just too weird for your plumber to deal with.  Call us at 888-476-1210 and learn what we can do to help you.   And stop back often, new offerings will appear here first. 

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Pictured here is our standard PVC Drain Kit with a Bright finished Nickel Toe-Tap Stopper.  Available from 3" to as long as you need.  We have a variety of finishes available from brushed to polished and nickel to brass, or can build to your specification or supplied fixture.

pvc kit

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Pictured to the right is the iron version long drain created for 2" (50mm) diameter drain holes.


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Here is a custom fitted overflow bezel for a marble tub that had the overflow hole bored through the top radius.


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Pictured here is a custom water inlet we designed for a customer-supplied imported fixture.  The inlet was designed to be adjustable so that the customer could orient the water inlet so as to provide the most pleasing cascade of water from the fixture.  If you can envision it in your mind, we can probably build it.

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The photo to the right shows an exposed custom overflow with a fitted bezel and floor escutcheon.  We created a CAD model from customer supplied templates of the tub sides so we could match the contour on the bezel.


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