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Our products have been featured in many magazines and are chosen regularly to be recognized for their unique features and craftsmanship.

From our reproduction shifter line the "Nostalgiamatic" to the "Pig Sticker" the safest way to install your rear end assembly. Promerican is a name you can trust.

Order below or have our research and developement team build prototypes, test and manufacture your ideas and products.

As our name suggests, we will always turn to the U.S first for our materials, supplies, workforce and vacation spot (typically a drag strip). Thank you for your interest.

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pig sticker

Pig Sticker TM #PR-PS2 $149.00

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The Pig Sticker TM

The safest way to install third member based rear end assemblies. For use with old style mopars and GM and Ford 9". A must for any serious race mechanic or car builder.

The Pig Sticker TM fits into most large floor jacks and makes short work of any third member installation.

pig sticker

1 Pig Sticker II TM #PR-PS2 $199.00

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The Pig Sticker II TM

"the Bigger Pig Sticker"

They always say, "If it don't fit get a bigger hammer..." This version takes on all other units including but not limited to: Dana 60, GM 10 and 12 bolt. No more hefting your unit by hand or balancing it on a 4"x4".


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Nostalgiamatic TorqueFlite Kit #PR-NT1 $399.00

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Nostalgiamatic Shifter - TorqueFlite Kit

Base Shifter with Chrome box cover, our high quality shift cable with Binder Wire technology and genuine B&M brackets for 66 and later TorqueFlite Trans.  This shifter has feet that bolt to the vehicle, and the box then mounts to the shifter.  Similar in construction to the later B&M Series 60 Shifter with the plastic cover.

We also build the earlier style which has the shifter bolting to the top of box, then the box bolts to the floor, optional, extra cost.

Parts are available individually, please use the "Contact Us" link to contact us with your questions.